Meeting Minutes

Meetings are open to all members of Mill Creek South. Please help us keep Mill Creek South the best neighborhood to live in south of the Rivanna!

Note, starting April 2012, Committee reports can be found on their respective pages. See the Minutes for links.

2017 Minutes & Reports
January 2017 Minutes
March 2017 Minutes
2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 2017 Minutes
September 2017 Minutes
2016 Minutes & Reports
January 2016 Minutes
March 2016 Minutes
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 2016 Minutes
September 2016 Minutes
November 2016 Minutes
2015 Minutes & Reports
January 2015 Minutes
March 2015 Minutes
May 2015 Minutes
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 2015 Minutes
September 2015 Minutes
November 2015 Minutes
2014 Minutes & Reports
April 2014 Minutes
2014 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 2014 Minutes
September 2014 Minutes
November 2014 Minutes
2013 Minutes & Reports
June Minutes
May Minutes
April Minutes
March Minutes
February Minutes
January Minutes
2012 Minutes & Reports
December – no meeting
July Minutes
June Minutes
May Minutes
April Minutes
March Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports
February Minutes and Committee Reports
Going Green in MCS Presentation
January Minutes and Committee Reports
2011 Minutes & Reports
December Minutes and Committee Reports
November Minutes and Committee Reports
October Minutes and Committee Reports
August Minutes and Committee Reports
July Minutes and Committee Reports
June Minutes Treasurer’s Report
May Minutes Treasurer’s Report
April Mnutes Treasurer’s Report
2011 Annual Meeting Minutes Treasurer’s Report
February Minutes
No Meeting Treasurer’s Report
2010 Minutes & Reports
December No Meeting No Meeting
November Treasurer’s Report
October Minutes Treasurer’s Report
September Minutes Treasurer’s Report
August Treasurer’s Report
July Treasurer’s Report
June Treasurer’s Report
May Treasurer’s Report
April Minutes Treasurer’s Report
March Minutes Treasurer’s Report
February No Meeting Treasurer’s Report
January Minutes Treasurer’s Report

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