Mailboxes are among the most prominent things that people see when entering Mill Creek South and affect our curb appeal as a neighborhood. The Board is discussing replacing mailboxes to protect the overall impression of the neighborhood. This will be a significant expense. We need to hear how each of you feels about this.

Here are the facts:

  • Wooden mailboxes need to be maintained to remain intact.
  • Posts need to be maintained to remain vertical.
  • Mailboxes and posts in our neighborhood range from well cared for to derelict.
  • Replacing the existing mailboxes with plastic models removes most of the issue of maintenance.
  • There are differing opinions on which aesthetic is best (wooden vs plastic type 1 vs plastic type 2).
  • There are differing opinions on whether to replace all of them at the expense of the Association or exercise the right of the board to force compliance for all mailboxes.
  • If we opt for replacements, we’ll need to consider logistics such as how fast, which ones first, and who will do the work.
  • The cost of materials and labor is estimated at $60 per mailbox.

Please comment below or email the board.

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