New Bridge

A new bridge has been constructed on the pond trail below the playground. It replaces a fallen tree, which had been used for years as a bridge. It’s about 3 feet wide and sturdy. Thanks to board members Dave Segars and Jim Muehlberg for their hard work.


Mailboxes are among the most prominent things that people see when entering Mill Creek South and affect our curb appeal as a neighborhood. The Board is discussing replacing mailboxes to protect the overall impression of the neighborhood. This will be a significant expense. We need to hear how each of you feels about this.

Here are the facts:

  • Wooden mailboxes need to be maintained to remain intact.
  • Posts need to be maintained to remain vertical.
  • Mailboxes and posts in our neighborhood range from well cared for to derelict.
  • Replacing the existing mailboxes with plastic models removes most of the issue of maintenance.
  • There are differing opinions on which aesthetic is best (wooden vs plastic type 1 vs plastic type 2).
  • There are differing opinions on whether to replace all of them at the expense of the Association or exercise the right of the board to force compliance for all mailboxes.
  • If we opt for replacements, we’ll need to consider logistics such as how fast, which ones first, and who will do the work.
  • The cost of materials and labor is estimated at $60 per mailbox.

Please comment below or email the board.


You live here. Wanna help build a community?

We have a few things to do around here:

  • Host a monthly neighborhood meeting, 2 hours
  • Trail maintenance, one 4 hour weekend
  • Mailbox installation, 1 hour each (with a friend),
  • Run a neighborhood club (plant exchange, tool swap, dinner club, etc)
  • Become a board member, 4-6 hours/month

If you’d like to help out with any of these things, or have a completely new idea, please let us know how we can help get you involved.

Board of Directors Election

Hello neighbors,

To all of those who came or who were represented at tonight’s meeting THANK YOU! For those of who would didn’t attend, I hope you will attend a meeting in the future! I will forward the Power Point presentation used to guide us through the meeting (with the photos) so you can review it at your convenience.

Although the official minutes will be published later this month, I
wanted you all to know the election results:

Secretary/Webmaster – David Robinson

Grounds/Maint. – Michael Wheelwright

Member At Large – Barbara Harris

We have several volunteers to work on social events, but would love to recruit several people for short term commitments or specific events. If you’re interested, please contact David Robinson to volunteer.

Thank you for your participation. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.
–Allison (aka “The Prez”)

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