Halloween Festival

We are planning the annual Halloween Festival for Sunday, October 30. 1 – 4pm in the playground. (Rescheduled from Saturday due to weather.)

We will have a monster truck bounce, ghost hunt, face painting and other fun stuff. Dust off your costumes and get ready to haunt!

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Entrance Landscaping

The entrance sign planting has had a nice facelift last week. Colorful ground covers and grasses were planted to help beautify our entrance. The plants will be watered and monitored over the winter. We are looking forward to a beautiful spring.

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Mailboxes are among the most prominent things that people see when entering Mill Creek South and affect our curb appeal as a neighborhood. The Board is discussing replacing mailboxes to protect the overall impression of the neighborhood. This will be a significant expense. We need to hear how each of you feels about this.

Here are the facts:

  • Wooden mailboxes need to be maintained to remain intact.
  • Posts need to be maintained to remain vertical.
  • Mailboxes and posts in our neighborhood range from well cared for to derelict.
  • Replacing the existing mailboxes with plastic models removes most of the issue of maintenance.
  • There are differing opinions on which aesthetic is best (wooden vs plastic type 1 vs plastic type 2).
  • There are differing opinions on whether to replace all of them at the expense of the Association or exercise the right of the board to force compliance for all mailboxes.
  • If we opt for replacements, we’ll need to consider logistics such as how fast, which ones first, and who will do the work.
  • The cost of materials and labor is estimated at $60 per mailbox.

Please comment below or email the board.

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You live here. Wanna help build a community?

We have a few things to do around here:

  • Host a monthly neighborhood meeting, 2 hours
  • Trail maintenance, one 4 hour weekend
  • Mailbox installation, 1 hour each (with a friend),
  • Run a neighborhood club (plant exchange, tool swap, dinner club, etc)
  • Become a board member, 4-6 hours/month

If you’d like to help out with any of these things, or have a completely new idea, please let us know how we can help get you involved.

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Check out the Bulletin Board

We’re trying out this new bulletin board software for the Mill Creek South website. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

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Upstairs Hot?

Tips that Work

If you have an uncomfortable differential between the temperature of your upstairs vs. downstairs, these tips have worked for many in our sub-division. Follow all these tips, and you should achieve about a 10 degree temperature differential year round.

The list below is arranged somewhat in order of importance.

  1. Have an energy audit, which can reveal hot spots. One highly recommended company is Air Flow Diagnostic Institute, a sister company to Albemarle Heating and Air Conditioning. An audit can pay for itself in a short time through energy savings and increased comfort.
  2. Ensure adequate attic insulation.
  3. Install an automatic thermostatically controlled attic fan. This is one of the most important thing you can do! It will make the most significant difference. This helps remove the hot blanket of air that seeps into your upstairs.
  4. Keep direct sunlight out of rooms. Cover skylights during the summer with either a blind, shade, thick curtain, or glass screening obtained from a glass company.
  5. Put a “tower” oscillating fan at the top of your stairs. A tower fan is one that is about 4 feet high and less than l foot in diameter—thin and vertical. Operate whenever temperature is above 80 degrees and arrange so oscillation moves air in most rooms. This makes a huge difference also! They are inexpensive and found at any store that sells small appliances.
  6. Keep your heat pump fan operating continuously—not on the automatic setting. You need to keep air moving around as much as possible.
  7. If you have doors upstairs in bedrooms that lead to storage or a closet in the eaves, use rope caulking around cracks and thoroughly seal. Before doing this, on extremely hot days, place your hand around the small cracks and you will be amazed at the heat being released into your room.
  8. If your budget allows, place ceiling fans in all upstairs rooms and in the ceiling at the top of the stairs, if possible. Operate as needed.
  9. Place an insulated cover on your attic entrance/door (hatch). Albemarle Heating and Air has them in several sizes. Or, you can make your own.
  10. Ensure that all doors and windows in the entire house have adequate insulation.
  11. If you have your roofing replaced, have ridge vents installed.
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2011 Annual Meeting

See the official 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes.

The following was presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting: 2011 Annual Meeting Presentation

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Board of Directors Election

Hello neighbors,

To all of those who came or who were represented at tonight’s meeting THANK YOU! For those of who would didn’t attend, I hope you will attend a meeting in the future! I will forward the Power Point presentation used to guide us through the meeting (with the photos) so you can review it at your convenience.

Although the official minutes will be published later this month, I
wanted you all to know the election results:

Secretary/Webmaster – David Robinson

Grounds/Maint. – Michael Wheelwright

Member At Large – Barbara Harris

We have several volunteers to work on social events, but would love to recruit several people for short term commitments or specific events. If you’re interested, please contact David Robinson to volunteer.

Thank you for your participation. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.
–Allison (aka “The Prez”)

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Dues Due!

We have now entered the grace period for home owners dues. They were due on February 15, 2011. If they are not postmarked by March 15th, you will be assessed a Late Fee and interest accrued from February 15th. There are 60 residents that have not paid. This causes a lot of work for our volunteer board in bookkeeping and trips to the bank and post office.

Please remit your dues immediately if you have not yet paid.

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2011 Dues

It’s that time of year again when dues are due! If you could kindly send $85 to P.O. Box 1283, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Your cashed check is your receipt. Invoices are sent as a courtesy to Mill Creek Homeowners and dues are due February 15th whether you receive an invoice or not, as stipulated in our covenants and bylaws.

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