The key items to watch for are wooden post and/or mailboxes that need staining, wooden mailbox stands that need repair, numbers missing or falling off, and leaning posts. If you have an aging mailbox, the two main options are to repair/replace your wooden mailbox, or replace it with a plastic model.

Wooden Post w/ Metal Mailbox (original style)

Mill Creek South Wooden Mailbox Stand

Stain for the wooden mailbox stand and metal mailbox is available from the ARC.  The construction drawing to the left shows the sizes and number of pieces needed to build the mailbox. The cedar siding and any other wood can be obtained at ProBuild, which is right down the street in the Mill Creek Business Park.

The cedar siding can be purchased at most home improvement stores and is a standard item. It is helpful to stain all sides of the wood prior to assembling the mailbox stand.

The metal mailbox that goes on top is a standard item that can be purchased at most hardware stores. The mailbox should be coated with the same stain used for the wood.


It is important that our house numbers are highly visible to help emergency vehicles find houses as needed. Please be use black or dark brown numbers to provide the high contrast needed. It is sometimes helpful to remove the numbers and paint them black or dark brown.

Plastic Mailbox

Mill Creek South mailbox
Mill Creek South Plastic Mailbox

The Rubbermaid Gentry All-In-One Post Mount Mailbox and Post Combo is the approved model. We have this model available for purchase in the neighborhood. As of September 1, 2012, they cost $90. The fee covers all materials and installation including the post, cementing it in level and  numbers on the side.

Or you can get the mailbox directly from Amazon  or  Walmart.  With this, you will also need a 4″ x 4″ post to bury in the ground.


The US Postal Service provides installation guidelines here.


Scott Walk helps with the installation your new mailbox, or help to straighten existing posts. You may also purchase a plastic mailbox from him.
Email Teresa Olsen or call 434-977-8827.

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